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2016-11-17, 12:59

Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
But you're right, I've been jaded about desktop computing for that long, and it has nothing to do with Apple. The fact that you care about nothing but Macs definitely means you should GTFO and move on from Apple. This isn't the brand for you anymore. I stop going to restaurants when the head chef changes. I stop going to bike shops when my favorite mechanic quits. I stop being loyal to brands when they clearly stop making products I want. You want annual Mac updates because you think that's important to you. I don't buy new Macs every year, so it's not important to me.
Every year? Are you kidding? I buy a new machine every 4-5 years. I just think that if Apple is going to charge a premium for their luxury priced products they should at least have the latest hardware available. What difference does it make it is only a 25% improvement over those 4-5 years? The is a noticeable improvement for tasks like video encoding, and other intensive processing tasks. I've never been into overclocking or that, even on the machines I've built, but I might in the future.

I am doing exactly what you are saying, I'm leaving Apple, albeit reluctantly. I enjoy using the OS and many of the apps, but find the products to be lacking in invention in the post Jobs era. I likely will build a hankintosh or at least a dual boot machine.

As for traffic, 99% of the causes are stupid selfish people true. That does not mean I would ever trust a easily hackable, networked, computer to drive for me. Will the computer be less likely to cause common traffic problems? Yup. Is it more likely to cause major traffic problems, outright just miss things (aka recent Tesla cases) and kill people? Yup.