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2016-11-17, 20:16

Originally Posted by Eugene View Post
It's a little disappointing when people on a tech forum can't see that practical applications for AI are the next big thing, and that Apple is behind Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM, the auto industry, even game developers. It has ramifications so far beyond self-driving cars.
Not all of us have some overwhelming desire to have our lives run by computers. If you want skynet, or whatever you want to call it, running your life feel free. Considering that people who are far smarter, and on the ball about tech, than us are urging people to slow down and consider the ramifications of AI, it's not something I'm rushing to be part of. The level of connectivity and automation is wonderful, but how far is too far? Maybe I sound like an old fart (I guess it comes with being in my 30's), but as the old saying goes, fools rush in.