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2016-11-22, 02:11

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
You guys do realize it is hard for Ives to design a tree and an AirPort Extreme. I mean, he put lights on the APE but not the tree. Wonder if there is a connections.

Do the new Macs have the "breathing" white LED?

While it is a shock to me that they are getting out of the AirPort business it really isn't. Like others have said, many companies offer much more compelling products for a fraction of the price. I'm guessing this means Time Machine is going to really open up what volumes it will backup to. It is either that or they are going to expect us to buy Server for our iMacs (since they don't care about Mac Pro or mini).
They'll probably go the server route.

Then 6 months later they'll decide that what the Mac Mini really needs is to be smaller, have the CPU out of a MacBook, and cost at least $5k.

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