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2019-05-23, 16:23

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
One possible answer: get the thing going that AN always wanted to do but never quite did, namely blog posts / feature articles. MacRumors Forums is still a fairly vibrant discussion forum (a dying breed, really), and I think that's largely because their news articles get plenty of viewership.
That's a really good idea, and Brad would certainly have to be involved in order to create the medium. Worth discussing.

There's a big giant space between "Forums" and login that could hold three or four buttons. We could maybe try 3 or 4 monthly articles to start? Obviously, we would have to find people willing to share their skills. Maybe, rather than focusing on rumors (although we could have a "Rumor Roundup"), we could focus on technical prowess? Self-help guides? Such like that? There are already enough rumor sites, and those joints need tons of income to support budding "journalists".

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