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2019-05-24, 09:50

Better watch it, pal. I haz me some powers! I was going to test it on you, but I like you, so I tested it elsewhere.

Originally Posted by kieran View Post
but I don't think that's going to happen without a major front-page of some sorts.
Wondering about that. I used to do some web development in the much earlier days of the interwebz, but haven't for years. That said, it would be quite easy to stack a new home page on top of the forum with links to several member-contributed articles, and a subsequent link to a "comments" page inside the forum. Something like this:

- Home Page

..... Linked Article
.......... Comment Thread
..... Linked Article
.......... Comment Thread
..... Linked Article
.......... Comment Thread
..... Linked Article
.......... Comment Thread

- Forums

Not a lot of work, and might get some action going on. I used to have some Dreamweaver/Fireworks experience but, again, that was over 15 years ago and I no longer have the software. I have iWeb on my current Mac, and that can be used for basic stuff to create the necessary bits. I would volunteer to do the work in iWeb and pass the resulting HTML over to Brad if he feels like publishing it. Considering our current situation, it will definitely require his assistance.

I have a heart-felt interest in AN and want it to continue on. In order for that to happen, something needs to, umm, happen!

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