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2019-06-02, 14:42

Brad hit on some very important points, the biggest being how much time commitment is required for article style writing and the security issues related to this old forum software.

I used to write a blog regularly (photography, not Apple related), and even that was a big time commitment, and I was only writing a few short posts 3-4 times a week on a prefab blogger page. Higher quality articles would take days, sometimes weeks to write, because when you aren't earning money with the writing it isn't a big priority. The other issue is editing and fact checking any articles written, one or two people alone cannot do that reliably on a volunteer basis.

Speaking of volunteers, I worked with an organization that relied heavily on volunteerism (for 8 years), and one thing I know for sure is that volunteers have a good habit of backing out at the last minute, or never even letting you know that they have bailed entirely. To find a group of people who can consistently do what we are talking about will require a great deal of dedication and effort. Not saying it isn't worth trying, but if people want to carry this torch, they have to be prepared for the reality of it.