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2019-06-02, 21:27

An option we could do is "Both Sides". In other words, I could write something compelling from my standpoint, and someone else could write something compelling from their standpoint. Say, no more than a thousand words, which is only a couple pages. Post them side-by-side. I always wanted to have a blog like that. Pick a topic and get 2 completely different points of view. Hell, the new MacPro comes to mind, although that will all be over with in the morning, me thinks.

As for "volunteering", I think we could do something like once per month. Not sure we need an article a week from everyone, but an article a week from someone. 4 per month to start. No click-bait BS. Decent editorial (maybe we grammar check?). I have written five novels (none are good enough to be anything, but still … ). Point is, I can write, and love doing so. I would contribute once per month on some topic. Don't know what that is, but it won't be politics. As much as I used to love to argue about that crap, I no longer have the stomach for it. Too damned divisive! But I could do a "what is the future going to look like computer wise", or some crazy thing. I don't know. We would have to sort that out.

Anyway, I'm with Turtle. Let's slap a new front end on this thing and get four volunteers to write one article to start. Somebody can fact-check, I'll edit. We could even make it all opinion based, self-help, etc. There's more to Apple users than Apple. This is a forum with a lot of educated, sharp folks. We can do this! I know at least a few of the old hard-heads are still lurking anonymously (Pscates, we're looking at you ). Maybe they'll stop by to comment on our new digs. Maybe not. I'm sure Nina23 will be around.

Besides, I just got my ban super-powers, and I haven't got to ban anyone yet. I always wanted to ban Kickaha. Maybe he'll show up and I can nuke him!

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