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2019-06-03, 15:10

I totally missed this being talked about during the keynote but I'm thrilled I found a blog that mentioned it. This is exactly what I was looking for when I got my doorbell camera. I don't like my video going to someone else's all (and yet I use iCloud Storage for photos ). However, this means that if I can get me a camera for my door that will allow me to see who is there and not have it go to a third party then I'm all over this. It isn't just when someone else comes to my door that I'm not wanting others to see, it is when my family comes and goes. I don't have cameras inside my home because I have no desire to have someone else able to watch my live. I don't like reality TV.

Because I missed the part of the keynote that actually talked about this I'll just quote an article I read that shed some light on it for me:
HomeKit for Secure Video will work with upcoming cameras from Logitech and Arlo to analyze images before they are uploading to the internet and will encrypt that feed and store it on iCloud. According to the company, even it won't even be able to see what's been uploaded to their servers. The service will include 10 days of recordings and won't count against someone's storage space.

The service will be included in the price of an iCloud subscription. That's bad news for companies like Nest that charge a subscription premium to give its customers access to video saved in the cloud.
The control for routers looks compelling too, but I'm running commercial network gear for my home so that is not an option and I won't downgrade to use it.

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