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2019-06-04, 22:43

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
Sounds like you would be better off migrating to a new VPS/VM at this point. Build the new environment and set DNS TTL to 300. Move DNS and sync as needed.
I have considered even leaning in the "server-less" direction with container orchestration (which I do a lot of in my day job), but one of the big gotchas is that AppleNova's vB still, for better or worse, needs to be able to send emails for user registration (and things like PM notifications, thread subscriptions) through good old port 25. Unfortunately, the big elastic cloud computing providers like GCP and AWS block that traffic and require you to use a third party service, and that's more money and more integrations to figure out (and maintain). Fortunately (at least for now), running a dedicated VPS through Linode allows AppleNova to keep spamming out emails to its heart's content.

I think this ancient vBulletin version is my biggest anchor right now. If I can ditch it and move to something else, that would open up a lot more options.

At this rate, I can't even upgrade the OS because CentOS/RHEL 8 ships with/packages a version of PHP that is too new for this vB version to run. We're stuck on CentOS/RHEL 7 with old-ass PHP and old-ass everything else until we migrate the forums to something else.

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