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2019-09-17, 13:49

The thing about picking a lock is you have to be trained to do it and far fewer people will do that. Script kiddies can hack open garage doors and locks with minimal training thanks to step-by-step guides out there.

My doors are the original ones installed when the house was built. That means depending on how long the sun has been heating them up I may have to push on the door to turn the lock. This means automated ones would really struggle with my doors aside from the security risk that I do not feel outweighs the benefits.

Video is nice because you don't have to question the truth. Even if you can't follow up with an arrest. We recently had a delivery company come to drop off an appliance first thing in the morning. Thanks to the cameras I was able to specify they weren't on my property for even 5 minutes when they said they were here for over 15 minutes waiting on us. We never got to the door before they had already left the street. Because I was able to provide details and specifics, the store we ordered it from gave us $200 back for our troubles.

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