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2015-02-26, 19:51

So does anyone else here use a Raspberry Pi and if so what projects are you doing with them?

I had a buddy at work that made a home security/puppy cam out of one and it got my attention. This is the guide he used and the one that got me started going with the idea. I didn't order the parts like he did though, I ordered it though Amazon as a kit that gave me more parts for less. The kit I got (Raspberry Pi Model B+ Ultimate Camera Kit) is no longer available but it was only $76.

So I've gotten mine running as a camera all wireless and headless now. In fact at this very moment mine is running on a power pack (when it was only $5) with a script writing the date and time to a file so I can see how long it will run on that battery pack. My reason for this is so it can be a mobile weather proof time lapse or motion camera. This article was my inspiration for this. Of course you can use a larger battery pack if you want longer run time.

What ideas do you have for a Raspberry Pi? Did you see a very cool project to do with them? Share and talk about them here!

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