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Originally Posted by Brave Ulysses View Post
NYC2012 was just as serious a bid as Chicago by the way, and was seen by many as just as much a favorite.
??? It was always between Paris and London for 2012, always - and Paris was considered the favorite until the very end. From Wikipedia:

"Paris was widely regarded as the firm favourite to become the host city of the 2012 Olympics, considering it lost out on its previous bids for the 1992 and the 2008 Summer Olympics to Barcelona and Beijing, respectively."

"New York City was never seen as a front-runner, and its chances for getting the Games were hurt after Canada secured the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia."

NYC was eliminated in the second round of voting, after Moscow and before Madrid. NYC's chances were never good, even without the Winter Games being hosted on the same continent two years prior.

Also: Denver will probably never host the Olympics, ever. (They bid for the Olympics in 1976 and were awarded the Games, and then later declined them, enraging the IOC.)

Originally Posted by BU
I think Norway has a higher chance of hosting a Winter Olympics sooner than either South Korea or New Zealand. Lillehammer is still looked upon as the modern model of what an olympics should be.
Perhaps, but I haven't heard that they're actually planning on bidding. Tromsø was going to bid, but they withdrew it. South Korea has bid twice and lost twice, both times after leading the first round of votes (they lost by the second- and third-closest votes in IOC history, respecitively). I think they're going to get 2018 - France's heart really isn't in the Annecy bid, because they want the Summer Games in 2024, and Munich...Idunno. The chances of any European candidate are hurt with the selection of Sochi for 2014, and Munich doesn't have the bid history of PyeongChang.

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