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2021-10-20, 11:06

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
I don't buy that.
I don't either. I always assumed the 27", like the 21.5", would also go up a few inches as well, to 30" or whatever makes sense (29.5", etc. I don't know how displays are made...everyone rounds up).

Unless the idea of 30" AIO was just so insanely expensive that they figured nobody would ever buy it?

I never considered that until just right now.

PS - The 24" moved up from the 21.5" iMac, but it's really "only" 23.5", so, naming aside, it really only increased two inches (the naming makes it seems more like three, with the "21" and "24" involved).

People would squawk, but I actually kinda like the idea of two two tiers of 24"...consumer and pro. But they wouldn't want to be seen as "coming down", size-wise, and owners of 27" iMacs (who are expecting something even larger eventually) would absolutely freak and lose their minds/riot.

I think there must be a larger iMac coming, and, like you, having it stay at 27" just seems odd/pointless...needs a bigger gap and 3" just doesn't seem like enough of a differentiation. Even if it just goes up to 29.5" (but they'll certainly call it 30"). Which makes me wonder why they spent years calling that 21.5" iMac that vs. 22"? They're calling the 23.5" iMac "24" after all? But they've always rounded down to a whole number on the notebooks as well: 13.3" MacBooks called "13-inch", the 15.4" MacBook Pros over the years always just called "15". But, for whatever reasons, they always called that smaller aluminum iMac "21.5", with the decimal, and didn't round up (or down) to 21 or 22. Interesting.

Interesting as in "Apple often makes zero sense in the things they do".

As cool/exciting as 2021 has been on several Mac-related fronts, I gotta think 2022 is shaping up to be even more so...a new, redesigned Air (keeping the name or not), a larger iMac (and how they'll position/market/price it...larger 24" with colors, or strictly $1,999+ "pro" in Space Boring™ ? And what about updates to the Mac mini and 24" iMac? And, of course, whatever they decide to do with the Mac Pro tower (including shooting it out of a cannon into the ocean and abandoning the idea/market completely after decades). We assume there's yet another effort on the pro tower evidence or guarantee of that, IMO. I could see it going either way, I truly could.

I could see Tim's Apple take the hit on the pissed-off pros, knowing it's made up by the iPhone/iPad/music consumers. I hope it doesn't happen, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit if/when it does.

IMO, they've not done anything right on this product in a long time. Are they out of ideas? Tired of trying? Morally opposed to just going back to a sensibly-sized/priced tower that mortals can also afford? Will be see $1,199 Wheels Max™ in 2022 ("Now Even Rollier.")? I never want/plan to own one, but I find the Mac Pro tower saga so interesting/funny to follow. I almost look forward to seeing what, if anything, they do just because I know there's a solid 50/50 chance of some good chuckles/entertainment (see earlier "wheels" jab).

If Monday is anything to go by, I'm guessing a new M1 Pro/Max/Extreme/OMG-equipped Mac Pro starting at about $7,499, thereby ensuring nobody normal ever buys one.