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2015-02-28, 18:37

I have thought of getting a new Pi 2 also, but not sure what I would do with it. Since MS is going to give Windows 10 away for it I might get it just for that. I'm sure there will be some level of limitation, but it would be fun to play with in some way anyway.

I'm actually thinking I want to make a weather station with a Pi. A pulled air system for an accurate outside temperature. Barometric pressure and humidity would be nice too. All of these sensors and more are available for the Pi. I would have to figure out how to make the data provided usable to me, but that should be too hard. I'm sure I would be able to make it viewable with json and show up in my Status Board app on my iPad.

The battery pack I posted about in the first post only got me about 4.5 hours of use. This isn't very good as you could imagine. While I can shave off power by dropping the wifi adapter and stopping the web streaming of the video it's recording too, I would then loose out of the ability to see what's going on with it when it's in my yard. That is where I'd use it most. If I were to use it in an environment like the one in the article I linked to then I wouldn't need them. I might just have to see how well it works in that case. For now though, I know it's not a long time.

JtA, I like the idea of doing stuff like that with your car. I have a truck that fits the description and I might have to think about doing that kind of thing for it too.

curiousuburb, the thing I discovered and what held me back from getting a Pi is that I always wanted to know what I would do with it if I got one. I got mine because I had a specific goal in mind, kitty/kid cam. You used yours for a media center box. However, the procrastination of waiting for the perfect project is why I never got one until now. It always seemed like the kind of device that someone with taped glasses would buy, not me.

Now that I have one and started to play with it more I'm seeing more and more things to tinker with on it. Like the weather station idea. I think there is a lot that can be done without having to cross the line from geek to nerd.

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