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2010-05-28, 10:55

Originally Posted by jdcfsu View Post
I meant more of how Brad answered, that it's not something you really think or worry about. Obviously not worrying about it and not putting your entire world online aren't the same thing but I guess they go hand in hand.
Gotcha. Sorry I didn't catch the intention first time.

I have to admit there has been occasions where I typed something then had second thought about it and discarded the post-to-be. So I suppose that'd fall into something I think about. If nothing else, it's a good habit to review and be sure that the materials being submitted really is a fair game because there's no way to take it back. Some people have that idea that it'll be ok if they delete within five minutes or so - no harm, no foul. That's not true as there is implicit trust placed on the owner (and thus the delegates) of the site to not do anything with the deleted materials in unintended ways and then there's the problem of someone seeing it disappear and call attention to it. Besides, it just seem like an asshole thing to do.

To me, true anonymity is practically impossible and probably is properly thought of as obfuscation but people may not make the distinction.