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2021-04-04, 22:14

1) The iMac Pro is done, and will not be returning. It was a stop-gap, and we all know that.

2) The next iMac with an M1x will blow the doors off of everything that Apple is currently doing, including the Intel Mac Pro.

3) The M2x Pro Mac Pro is next year on the early side.

4) When the M2x Pro* Mac Pro does launch, it will blow the doors off of … well … everything else.

5) New iMacs are imminent, but in the Apple world that could be April, WWDC in June, December, or Tuesday.

6) I can't %^$# wait!

* I am using M2X Pro because by the time the Mac Pro launches, we will be into the 2nd generation M-series, and the Mac Pro will use a very special version of the chip (or 2-4 of them) rather than the Mx itself.

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