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2019-05-30, 21:29

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
The thing I don't get is why they won't build a solid tower that is easily upgradable.
There’s simply no money in that. If users can easily replace components, they will. And they’ll pick cheap components in OEM form straight from south east Asia. What’s in it for Apple?

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
I like option 2 the best, but think it will prove to be too expensive, and its success will hinge entirely on Apple's willingness to license the connection tech cheaply enough so that 3rd parties can make compelling modules. If it can be done so that a decently-specked system can be had for $3000 to $5000, it will be successful. But these $10,000 systems are never going to be popular. Even the iMac Pro is now way over priced.
The problem is the Mac Pro basically has to be significantly more expensive than the iMac Pro. Otherwise, the latter doesn’t have much of a raison d’être any more (maybe it never did): no matter how modular the Mac Pro ends up being, the answer is probably more than the iMac Pro. At the very least, for the screen, and probably for more.