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2021-10-13, 09:51

What is the simplest way to make ringtones for iOS today, in 2021?

I ask this because my daughter got a new phone and wants custom ringtones for everything. (I know she will hate them soon enough, but for now it is a novelty.). We have tons of songs in our library and of course tracks we can find on the web that would cut down to 30 second loops fairly nicely.

I've been looking online and there are so many different articles out there that are generally wrong now. They might have worked years ago, but not now. So how is the simplest way to make ringtones today? I'd like to get the method down and then teach her how to do it herself. Of course, this is on a Mac, not a PC so we can skip the steps for PC.

Currently I've installed GarageBand and figured out how to trim and fade the ending of the audio. Then export to AAC and rename that file to .m4r. Drag to my phone wire connected to the Mac via Finder and there it is.

Is that the best way to go about it now?

What about if the song is already 30 seconds or less but maybe a different audio format?

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