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2006-05-03, 21:58

Originally Posted by Roboman
I said I didn't want to know how expensive they were.

Ouch. I figured they were expensive, but those prices surprise me.

I'm torn, because I'd love a projector, and they are getting more economical (on the lower end, anyway), but I also don't want "sort-of-HD." If I'm dropping a ton of cash (for me, anyway) on a nice TV set, I'm not sure if I'd want to "settle" for 720p.
Hopefully, some other manufacturers will start announcing 1080p projectors. I'm sure BenQ has something in store, and I recall reading something about a Sim2 unit, but if it's from Sim2 it'll waaaaay more than $10,000.

Anyway, I'm going to go start a high definition thread, so we don't steer this one *more* off-topic.