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2009-10-23, 17:58

I thought it might be fun if we had a thread where lame photographers like me could ask how to capture a certain shot. I know lots of you here are more experienced than me, but I don't want to close this off to just my one question. I'll have plenty more in the future, and I'm sure others do too. So let's learn and get better together.

My first question: I have a beautiful view of the sunrise from my back door. There's a farm across the street, and off in the distance there are trees and a water tower. I'd like to capture that beautiful sunrise, but all my pictures have been pretty bad so far. I don't mind a long shutter speed, since I do have a tripod available. I'm wondering what ISO and aperture might be best for this situation. I'm shooting with Canon Rebel XS and a kit lens, so I'm somewhat limited in my options.

So, how do I shoot that?

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