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2010-02-01, 19:11

Well I'm not so sure Blu-ray is quite the mess Jobs' claims. Maybe at a software level but then again Apple's entry into this field isn't exactly the shining example. We just got iTunes LP and Extras but I'm still not seeing where I should forgo on discs for downloads. There needs to be more "wow factor"

Google isn't trying to kill the iPhone they're just attempting to generate more billion dollar revenue categories and thus encroaching into other vendor areas. It's the nature of the beast.

Flash needs to go bye bye. It's a good technology for developers that have been flaky for me. Click2Flash has made me a happy man and that speaks volumes about where I stand with Flash.

Good to see more HTML5 stuff coming. Today it's SublimePlayer from Jilion

I'm still thinking Apple would benefit from offering a Dreamweaver competitor that really delivers an outstanding HTML5 authoring enviroment to spur its use.