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2015-05-18, 12:04

I've found a couple spots that I'd like to claim.

1) A spot for a house, around 210/65/478. It's a bit behind the lodge and the horse/pig/sheep "barn" structure. I've put a sign and some torches there to mark it off.

2) A mining operation, just on the other side of the same ridge. I've placed a sign and torches at 250/65/505 to mark it off. I'd like to also build a path between the two sites. I'll cut a clearing through the forest there to make room for the path.

At some point, I'd also like to build a minecart and track to ship mined materials from that operation back into a chest in the house, but I suspect that will take me quite a while to do.

Any objections to me claiming these two spots? I didn't want to start building anything until I ran it by you guys.

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