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2018-07-13, 05:06

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
...add features established by competitors.
I would be happy if they would not remove features established in prior versions of the MacBooks (and still available from competitors).

I have a 2012 15" MacBook Pro. Directly after buying, I upgraded the RAM to 16 GB (which wasn't even an official option from Apple - but works fine) and changed the HDD to a 512 GB SSD. In the meantime, I switched the DVD drive (via an aftermarket solution) to a 2 TB SSD. So it is still a great computer, esp. as I use seldomly mobile and mostly as desktop replacement.

At work, I see consultants having a MacBook and always a bag of cables and adapters. So shaving off a few millimeters for their anorexic design and decreasing massively the useability / convenience as a byproduct does not make a product desireable to me. But my main gripe is the lack of user access and expandability.
With the current Macs, I have no chance to update the RAM/Drivespace myself over time. And when I look at the ridiculous prices from Apple for the upgrades, I just cannot support this: I bought a 2 TB SSD for about 500€. At the applestore, I would have to pay 1440€. 4TB you get for about 1000€, Apple wants 3840€! I have no problem paying a premium for the added value of a premium product (i.e. a good body and design), but there are now so many downsides on current Mac Hardware, that I cannot justify buying one at the moment.

I wish there would be some hardware competition for Mac compatible notebooks, so users could choose (and show Apple what customers might want).
I'd love to see something like a Lenovo P52 or a Gigabyte Aero 15X v8, but after seeing the specs of the new MacPros, I very much doubt that we'll see something like that in the future...

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