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2019-06-26, 19:07

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But for you we'll make an exception and call it 1500!

Well that's good, a beer revue would make it then!

WRT the thread idea, in seriousness, one thing I'd like is a 'master-thread' or a 'sub-sub-forum' stickied in probably General Discussion with the top 50 (100?) all-time threads listed in descending order (by replies, not views). Make it visible, give newbies a sense of what the humor is (because, to be real, I love our humor here) and give a sense of the knowledge here as well. Plus, some real, old-time internet goodness with threads like "Apple made me a billion dollars because I'm on Adderall" or whatever that shit was. GOLD. The macgeek_v? stuff was legend. Quag's growth from an angsty young lad to someone who models in front of airplanes. We have a ton of funny shit buried out there. Some drama too, which is fun in small doses.

Anyway that's one idea. It'd be fun for new members to get a jist of it here and old members to laugh again at the crazy.

So it goes.

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