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2020-01-30, 17:31

Well, OptiFine is 76% complete, so probably just a couple more weeks before we can upgrade our main world to 1.15.2. I do love this little trip through memory lane on how fucking hard MC can be, though. Wish we could keep it as a side-world like in the Tardis days, alas.

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Yeah, beginner's Minecraft just isn't as much fun for me with crappy tools and armor.
It doesn't take that much time to get a full diamond kit with Brad's charcoal mod, tbh. Enchanting is another story, but I'm lucky that I settled in a village that I could boost the population of. Feel free to trade with them, obviously, that's what they're there for.

[edit]: Also! There is a fancy road to Drew's place now that is a continuation of the fancy road to Ken's place. You can literally ride a horse from Ken's to Drew's via fancy road.

So it goes.

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