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The Ban Hammer
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2020-01-30, 18:03

Oh, I have lot's of diamonds. I'm a digger, but you already knew that.

Trouble is my projects will rip through all those diamonds and trading in no time and then I'm back to digging for diamonds or coal or trees or …

I've already burned through about 10 diamond picks, three of which had good upgrades. I've already lost one suit of good armor in my mine due to an unbelievably fast flow of lava that caught me off-guard and trapped me.

I know it's all silly and whiny, but I'm long past having to prove my ability to survive in this game. I'd much rather make things, although I also don't much like Creative mode. I generally prefer to have to hunt for my resources using good tools, and then build stuff from scratch.

Hell, the only time I use Creative mode is when I'm designing an idea.

So, I think just adventuring will be fine for now.

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