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2005-08-11, 00:27

Originally Posted by oldmacfan
Do you need to do some sit-ups...?
I could probably stand to do a few.

An aside for oldmacfan: Oh boy, do I have a wine to tell you about! I was celebrating a new job I just got and I found this great Oregon pinot noir that I picked out for the dinner I made.

I'm from Oregon originally, so I like to continually try out Northwest wines. It's from the Domaine Serene vineyard and it's their 1999 "Evenstad Reserve" Pinot Noir. Fantastic wine. We had it with a rich soy and butter sauced salmon, oven-roasted white asparagus and sliced strawberries. (I put in the food because I knew Carol would like to hear about it.)

Actually, I could pop out of the cake and make Carol dinner. That would work. Geez, somehow I got back on topic with the thread...weird.

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