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2017-09-22, 12:03

Could we move the spawn point plz? I died recently (I know! ) and ended up on top of the space needle downtown. Well, since the 33x33 area around spawn locks everything down so it can't be messed with, the trapdoor to get down wouldn't open. I was stuck naked and afraid on top of the needle and it took me several running jump attempts to hit the water below. You try it! It's tough.

For now I've put some slime blocks in the path below that are much easier to hit. Also, in exploring the area that's locked down I found that the railway won't work either, among other smaller things like chests and doors not working. So given that, the only area I've found near downtown that doesn't have doors, buttons, blocks that may need breaking/updating, etc. is here:

That's a 33x33 area centered on block 141/62/181. There's nothing underground there that I know of besides some abandoned mines, and I can't see the path to Enterprise changing anytime soon. What do you all think?

So it goes.