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2004-08-18, 18:02

Originally Posted by DMBand0026
Seriously, how much money do you have?

One of those best be your work computer, or you better be a graphic designer or something like that. If not, I'm currently taking donations for the "DMBand needs a cinema display and doesn't need 3" fund.
Work pays for the toys, it's just coincidence that i work from home. Guess my clients love me... and i love them too! Without them I think it'll be a PowerBook 12" and Combo - they're really cute! Normally, the third is connected to the PowerBook, 'cause moving from that to this is frustratingly small!

For visual effects and impressing visitors or non Mac users, I occasionally move it to the desktop and maybe show off a little. It's fun having something other's dream about! Don't you think?

what's this line for?

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