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2007-07-29, 00:02

Originally Posted by torifile View Post
I run my VW Golf on 100% biodiesel almost all the time. As Banana said, diesel engines require no modification to run on BD. There is one exception to this and it's not really a modifcation - cars that have older hoses or have run on dino diesel for a while will need to have those hoses replaced and a fuel filter change or two. BD is a very good solvent and it will disolve older rubber hoses and the crud that builds up from prolonged dino use.

BD has a higher gel point than regular diesel, so in the winter, depending on climate, you my need to use a regular diesel/biodiesel mix. During the winter, I switched to running B20 to deal with the freezing thing. You don't need a second tank or warmer or anything.

Are you planning on brewing your own or are you looking to hook up with a coop or something? I'm a member of a coop where we brew BD once a week. I've learned a lot about the process - so much that I wouldn't do it myself without investing in a bunch of equipment.

I don't run on straight vegetable oil (SVO) or waste veggie oil (WVO) as both of those require modifications. I think a popular one is called the Elsbit modication. Have a look at and you may find some more links to help you along. Let me know if you've got any other questions. (This post was entirely typed on my iPhone's keyboard so please excuse any typos. )

Oh and diesel engines don't use spark plugs! Compression combustion FTW!!! You should also check the forums at - they have a biodiesel forum.
Originally Posted by bassplayinMacFiend View Post
Well, diesels use glow plugs instead of spark plugs, but you're correct, the 25:1 compression helps combustion immensely. There is a guy I met at the local RC airplane club who runs their diesel VW Rabbit on biodiesel. I'll ask him the next time I see him how complicated it was to mod his car. He has two tanks I think in order to switch between regular and BD if necessary.
You guys are awesome, hell yeah.

I got some more advice from a few gearhead friends of mine tonight, and I'm really liking this idea now. If I can find a decently-priced 80's Mercedes or newer VW diesel, I'll be in business. I also discovered that there's a company Vegenergy that operates out of Atlanta, doing some sort of work or another in biofuels, and they have a fueling station in the city. Even better, it's very near my house.

So I'm thinking I find a car that's in good shape (according to the gearheads, I should look for either 100-150k miles or over 300kish, making sure it had some major work done around 250) and just run it on Biodiesel for the moment. The station has I believe B100 and B20, should the weather here ever get cold enough to warrant the latter. I don't remember reading if they posted what the prices tend to be, but I'm sure it's cheaper than the three bucks for most stations in town. Should I decide to modify it to run on WVO/SVO in the near future (which I want to, but not sure if I'll have the time in the next few months) I have the option.