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2009-11-02, 11:34

Originally Posted by WrestleEwe View Post
I have that as well, quite annoying actually...

Another thing that bugs me is that the OSX' PDF rendering isn't really that good. Preview seems to make a lot of mistakes when asked to open vector based PDFs. Escpecially ones made with Adobe software.
Hmm, never ran into issues with anything *other* than Adobe software - sure it's not the software *producing* the PDF mucking it up? Tweaking Acrobat to handle bugs in Photoshop, etc, isn't a new way of ensuring your product lines are considered 'the only working standard'. (MS has done this for years.)

Also, there is a tipping point between the lightweight Preview and the heavyweight Acrobat. I get a lot of converted autoCAD/Vectorworks drawings, when they reach a certain complexity Preview's PDF renderer gets so slow that it compensates for Acrobats long startup time.

On my MB that point is at around 10/15MB worth of pure vectors. Adobes renderer is just better than the one in OSX, but Acrobat itself is so bloated that no one notices until the files get a little complex.
I can (maybe) see that... Preview is wicked fast for me, while Acrobat is a dog, even after launched, but my scale issues have more to do with page size than vector density. Did you know that Acrobat has a 200"x200" hard limit on the image size? Annoying as hell when you're automatically generating massive graphs, and assume that PDF will be the best universal display format.

Even better? No warnings, no errors, just... a blank document. Not even anything blatted to a log. Preview handles them just fine.

Their own goddamned format, and they can't get it right with the programming.

Grr. Recent headache, still ranty about it. But back to the Preview bugs...

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