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2010-12-20, 16:50

Originally Posted by theelmerguy View Post
I confess. I took a diamond block or two (or three...) :/
Don't sweat it! I'll replenish my personal cache before too long...

From the start, I'd actually been planning to de-op myself after about a week to bring some balance back to the game's economy. The doling out of free resources was my way of jumpstarting these big building projects, just like other government funded stimulus packages. Technically, I'll still be able to help out if someone's in a real bind, but I'll have to ssh over to the server and execute commands from the console instead, which is enough trouble to completely dissuade the casual cheating we've been doing.

So, soon enough we'll have to be a little more protective and thrifty about our resources. Trees will be replanted, mines will go deep, and territorial battles will be waged. Maybe not so much the last one, but PvP is enabled!

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