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2010-12-20, 19:59

Originally Posted by theelmerguy View Post
And to be honest, I'm kind of overwhelmed by the sheer scale of this game. Wikipedia talks about how the game (hardware/software) can theoretically support a map that is EIGHT TIMES the surface area of the Earth. EIGHT TIMES! I'm having trouble in the real world as it is! How am I going to survive in a world EIGHT TIMES THE SIZE??? Madness.
I'd a least like to be able to see you guys from where I am. Maybe it's just a video card thing catering to the lowest common denominator, but really, after seeing the map that Brad put up there's really no reason I shouldn't be able to see the Mob from the top of my tower, at the very least RowdyScot.

Oh! That reminds me - Brad, your torches that you dropped from my place back to home are absolutely awesome at night. Looking down from my lookout, I wholly prefer the world at night. It's just so great.

So it goes.