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2010-12-20, 21:02

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
also: mad, mad props to SpecMode. I don't know how in the fuck you built the skyway so quickly.

[edit]: I thought for sure you were going to hit my little outskirts island plan....was it just luck/good juju that you hit my little overlook porch? I've been reconfiguring a bit to accommodate that as an entrance.
After a while, I just get into the 'zone', and just start putting down wood blocks row after row after row until I run out. Turn around, spend most of the day walking back to the forest, harvest more logs, and repeat. Take an occasional break to admire the view, and to taunt the creepers/zombies/skeletons/spiders glaring up at me from the ground.

As for how I ended up at your overlook: I was originally going to follow the plan you posted on yesterday, stopping down at your mini-skywalk. However, the horde of creepers lurking in (and on top of ) the trees surrounding it had other ideas.

Interesting side note - as I was just about to finish that leg of the Skyway, with about a dozen rows left before hitting the overlook, I was placing a pair of torches when I heard a noise behind me (the 'something walking on dirt' sound). I spin around just in time to see a creeper falling through the air not four spaces away. The server spawned the thing in mid-air nearly within blasting range of me.