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2011-04-05, 16:45

Originally Posted by billybobsky View Post
No need for a giant tower post office.

At all...
There's no "need" for a lot of things in Bridgeport. It's fun to build big things!

I was thinking, 709, that each PO room would be even smaller. 4x4. Each room would have a double chest and be plastered with signs for leaving messages. But with two block wide halls and four rooms per floor that means that the building's footprint is 11x11. But, at four rooms per floor, we need at least six floors. So while we could transform the former White House, I'd rather leave the exterior of the White House/town hall alone (except for a possible clock tower), since the White House is one of Bridgeport's historic landmarks.

[double edit] I'm just gonna build it behind the Tavern, since I know its free and not in the way, but still near the skyway.

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