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2011-04-20, 10:45

hola MC fam! Haven't been on in ages. Been applying for jobs. I've wanted to get back to explore the new world you guys have created for a while. I almost love exploring your creations more than creating myself! It's so fun!

So... I just accidentally updated to 1.5. I'm getting this error:

"Internal exception: java.IOException: Bad packet id 114"

I'm assuming it's because my client version is too new for the server. It was on 1.2 before and complained about the client being too old -__-.

What version is the server currently on and how to I force the client to go to that version?

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing your new creations.

One more thing... am I allowed to go into other users' homes/creations? I remember reading some new rules that you must ask for permission first. I won't touch anything! I promise!!!