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I love the loaded language of the "meh" option.

I wouldn't really care either way, but I'm not sure I see the need. Those who feel that asking for assistance is "cheating" won't. Those who realize that, say, they'd never find enough lapis to make a giant blue LEGO brick will, and Bridgeport will be a little more colorful for it. I think regular social mores will keep people from wanting to beg for goods too often.

I sort of like the current system of people voluntarily helping each other, to be honest. People were generous with giving me materials to get started, and I hope I can be equally generous back. I mean, is anyone really perceiving a problem with people mooching off other players or the Exchange?

As it is now, an item only has value if you're planning on using it — it's not like you can turn a gold ore into an "equivalent" number of redstone or whatever. I posit that this is a Good Thing with regards to the circulation of items, actually. If everyone is spelunking and someone finds gold and don't need it, there's no reason not to let a goldless player have it. But if that gold is worth Xty $limeballs, then they might want it for its artificial value. Creating a fiat currency to represent the worth of resources that might actually be otherwise worthless to the player mining them just seems a little serious business to me.

I sort of like the game now, where everybody's trying to impress each other with the creativity and quality of their constructions, not just the resources used, and people who can't spend every waking moment mining can still make something interesting. Maybe Brad is super annoyed by everybody begging him for resources at every turn, but to my knowledge this isn't a problem.

So yeah, I'd weigh in somewhere between "meh" and "no" on this. Maybe I'm just a communist.

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In the above mentioned thread, Kraetos came up with the idea of using slimeballs for currency. I thought it was ghey at first, but in thinking about it further it may indeed be the perfect coin. It takes some work to get it (as if swinging swords were work), you have to travel a little (though not much, really), and it is round. Like a coin. Or something.
Perhaps most importantly, it's the one item that's otherwise absolutely useless, so it's not like anyone who wants to build something will have to smelt away their fortune to get the right shade of green block or whatever.

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