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2011-06-19, 20:51

So the other day I was minding my business at home, when I mentioned how much fun the time we'd all gone CreeperMining and PRESTO!!! the next thing I knew I owned ALL THE DUCKEN and I kept them in MAH HOUSE.

Which was fine.
A bit of a mess, but only eggs to clean up.

THEN, I go over to see this new gun thing that Bryson is building.

It's pretty cool, but it did something VERY weird.... the TNT bullet went out toward a wall, then went STRAIGHT UP, then returned to horizontal travel, over some trees before blowing up.

I made a platform to go up and watch, when PRESTO!!! a bunch of ducken came to watch with me....

So we got a lot more people to come watch....

And they got some ducken, too.

And then Brad blew me up several times.

The End.


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