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2013-02-24, 18:46


The first level of the community veggie farm is up and running. Carrots, potatoes, melon and pumpkin for everyone:

For the second level I need a bunch of seeds. Corn, Flax and seed seeds (Wheat). If you have any extra please drop them off. Corn kernals seem to be the most elusive, but for all you grass-punchers out there, if you have any extra I'd love them. There's a chest* at Robo's sheep farm that's easy to find, so anyone that has extras please put them in there. Much, much appreciated.

The basement will have reeds, cocoa and cacti, but that's a short while off. ish.

*Is that cool Robo? I should have a better setup inside the treefarm shortly, but I figured a chest at your place would be easier to find.

So it goes.