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2013-02-25, 00:35

I put some wheat and flax seeds in the chest by the sheep farm, grey. I think I only had one corn, but I put that there too

I like the entrance you built to your tree farm a lot, grey, but Brad and I looked at the way it connected with the road and thought it looked a bit weird. The road from the sheep farm goes down three squares and then right back up again, and as it is there doesn't even seem to be room for a connecting north/south road at the lower elevation (which would help the elevation dip make sense). Brad and I were mocking stuff up over there (so don't be alarmed if there's some stray cobble), and I think Brad left a sign too. Maybe a bridge would make more sense? Or maybe steeper stairs leading up to the sheep farm, so that there's room for a connecting north/south road?

I'll hold off on building stairs on the other side of the sheep farm until we figure out what we're going with for sure, so that they can match on each side.

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