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2014-03-08, 14:56

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
So, in honor of MC 1.0 and The New World, I thought I'd bring this thread back to the top and bullet point stuff. Because I'm both OCD and anal retentive. Call me, ladies!

  • If you encounter well lit caves while mining, don't take resources from these areas without asking. Someone may have explored that area and may still mine the resources at a later date.
  • If living in a populated area, do not use the practice of digging extensive, multiple, horizontal shafts in all directions at the depth of precious materials. These shafts can remove valuable materials under other people's homes thereby denying them their use. Excessive branch mines can also hamper performance for players on weaker computers. Please use the debug coordinate system to reign in your mining to just your local area!
  • Please build extensive mining operations away from current players homes in a relatively open area.

With the introduction of stained clay and the Mesa biome I think this is an appropriate guideline to follow:
  • When mining in the mesa biome for stained clay, DO NOT mine entire horizontal layers through the middle of the hill (e.g. white and light gray layers only) leaving a floating island in the sky. Either trim the edges only or mine from the top layer by layer. The flower farms and mobtraps provide sufficient dye sources to stain the base hardened clay to your desired color. Don't be lazy.

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