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2015-04-18, 16:19

Originally Posted by addison View Post
By the way, it's always easy to pick out the people from Jersey (and I assume Oregon) at these places. They are the ones looking dumbfounded and taking forever to fuel up!
Here in Idaho, we pump our own gas, and I've been through Oregon enough that I know the rules change. On a family trip not long ago, we were driving down highway 95 (Idaho, Oregon, and Nevada) and stopped in McDermitt for gas. The town sits right on the border between Oregon and Nevada (It's literally bisected by the border line). I had never been there before and missed the border sign as we drove into town. I pulled into the gas station and sat at the fuel pump thinking I was still in Oregon. Finally, I went into the store to find out what was taking so long. I bet that lady gives the same look every day! I'm more embarrassed that the casino across the street didn't tip me off than sitting at the pump.

Little did I know!

So, yeah. I know exactly what you're talking about!

Joint has a casino 50 feet south of the border. Yeah, 50 feet!

Looking down with satellite view on, you can see homes where it would be legal to play poker in the back bedroom, but not in the living room!

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