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2015-11-03, 12:29

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Holy moley. I know I haven't been out to 13topia in a while, but when did it grow to have like everything?? If you can farm it, it's basically there. Every plant, every animal. All so nicely arranged!
The lower pen is kind've a mess, but 8 slices didn't work so well. 4 seems to give them more room and less of a chance of escaping (which they still do). It's really just for bunny feet, wool and eggs. The occasional mushroom soup. The expansions since you transplanted it are mostly the horse farms and netherwart. Plus some seafloor art & smoothing that I need to finish before underwater glass becomes completely transparent in 1.9.

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(Though with all the stuff going on, my system does start dropping frames like mad... but it's worth it to marvel in all the wonders!)
I have no idea why. The only things really active are animals, since I've used source blocks for all the farm water. Hopefully the boosts helped. I generally get 30+ out there, but you're right that it's slower than normal. Though I never get hit like I do when I'm on the main strip downtown. That place is a mystery.

So it goes.