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2015-11-13, 17:21

Tunnel Entrance

I mocked up a tunnel entrance (two-track). The floor inside the tunnel is lined with half slabs laying on top of the floor. Since 1.9 prevents mobs from spawning on track, this arrangement will prevent mobs from spawning anywhere inside the tunnels, even without light. Also, the front is protected by fenceposts at both the bottom (to prevent mobs from wandering in) and top (to prevent them from dropping onto the tracks). The more I tinker the more I think we should build the entire structure without any lighting, other than at stations.

This mockup should prevent any and all mob intrusion. Gonna switch to survival and stand inside the tunnel just to see what happens.

Update: I convinced a horde of zombies to attack and none were able to defeat the entrance. They tried from the bottom and the top and couldn't get onto the track. Also, none spawned in the very dark tunnel. Yay!

An updated tower strut. Much simpler and cleaner. Plus, it gives the impression that the rails are supported from beneath and the girders/spans are suspended below them.

I like this design a lot more than my previous, which looked too busy. It will also be a lot easier to build!

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