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2019-06-06, 22:41

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Speaking of cleaning data, how would we feel about deleting a bunch of inactive users? I did a quick search and found that we have almost 7000 users with 0 or 1 post who have not been seen logged in for the last 365 days. Our total user list is just over 11000. Maybe also delete all the banned accounts that are labeled as "spammer".
It's almost like you've been reading my posts:

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Also, would it do us any good to purge the membership list? I can think of a couple categories that should go:

- All of the banned users
- Any user with less than X posts who has not posted in the last 5 years.

Looking through the list, that's a lot! Not sure what that costs us in overhead or if it's worth the effort. But, you give me a tool, and I'll drop a nuke in there!

Originally Posted by kieran View Post
Brad, thank you for taking the time to do this. I know it's a lot and not a lot of return for you. Like I said, once we know the best way to get some money raised, please let me know.
Originally Posted by Capella View Post
Just chiming in to say I'd be willing to join the cash throwing to move to another forum software if you wind up having to do that.
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*snip* some words and effort *snip*
I've said it before and I'll say it again:

There are folks hanging around who have been hanging around for 15 years, and we want the place to survive. Thanks to all who care, and to those making the effort to make it happen. Live or die, fight, claw, and snap, this is a piece of home, and we want to keep it!

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