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2019-11-25, 17:18

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Because I am plagued with a Minecraft scatterbrain of late and can't focus on one project for any stretch of time…

Other than very gradually filling that swamp for Bradtropolis manifest destiny, I have a moderately large idea for a different terraforming project I should ask here about. This mountainous region here with the wonderful Tranquility color wheel on top...
After far too long, this past weekend I finally logged in to wrap up the little details inside Tranquility Dam that were bothering me, and I have officially "unlocked" the doors leading into it.

Before, mockup/plan, and after:

Tada! 🎉

Confession: the reason this took so long was because I was also working on…
Spoiler (click to toggle):
a mini adventure exploration area underneath the dam, reachable from inside the dam facilities if you snoop around inside. I hope you guys find it! I tried to make it not-too-difficult to find…

Cheers 🍻

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