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2006-02-20, 03:01

When reading I want to relax with easy to read text and an easy to carry non-expensive package I can shove in a back pocket, or a bag..

All these toys that read e-books are too damn easy to lose, break or get mugged for, and they are still not as convenient as turning pages in a lump of dead tree..

I hate myself for saying it as I love gadgets, have tried really hard to use everything fom my Newton to my Treo to read books on, and I hate the needless destruction of trees.. I prefer to hug trees.

But at the end of the day a bok is a book is a book, and I think our generation will always feel more comfortable with them..

Heck.. When I needed to get up to speed on C++ I could have got it all free from the internet, but I still went a bought a $50 book as I could drag it into the bedroom, stack it on a shelf, stifk it in a bag, and lay it open on my desk while I use it as a reference next to the computer I was working on.... I have more than 1 monitor and still I'd reather get information from a book. If I do download literature of any sort from the internet I invariably print it out!

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