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2006-11-01, 22:40

Originally Posted by åsen View Post
It's just a random English tree, nothing extra special.
Originally Posted by Windswept View Post
Ah, but look at it. It's perfectly upright and beautifully shaped.
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Actually, I can think of over a hundred locations within a 5 miles of here that look that way. It's nothing special for us.
But asen and Bryson, some of us live in less favorable climes, where getting a tree to grow *at all* requires virtual divine intervention; and even then, it will never be as lush and perfect as asen's common, ordinary, everyday English tree standing anonymously and unappreciated in an unnamed field.

Harsh climes:

Wow. Just look at that rock wall in the upper right. It's just spectacular.

Photo by David Muench, whose nature work I love.