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2006-11-02, 21:25

Originally Posted by GSpotter View Post
You weren't there when I shot this picture: It was snowing like crazy and nobody went outside if he hadn't to. I took an umbrella, my photobag and my tripod and headed for the nearby woods. Even though it was cold, after finishing the session, I was sweating (carrying several kilograms of photographic equipment and crouching next to a tripod while holding an umbrella to protect the camera takes its toll - talk about dedication )
I *do* admire your dedication, GSpotter.

And you certainly have some fantastic shots to show for it.

I've never had blizzards to contend with, but when traveling I do stop the car and climb up or downhill to get a perfect shot of some lovely scene.

Sometimes the climbs are perilous, and they are always time-consuming; but I think it's well worth it when the perfect shot is at stake.