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2007-02-09, 22:19

Originally Posted by Wrao View Post
You should look into making your own darts for that beast, it'll add some more range and velocity if done correctly. Typically all you need is some foam, glue and a BB or ball bearing. It is also a lot cheaper in the long run.
Yeah, I've thought about that before, but in all fairness, I'd like to keep compatible darts with everyone else. I imagine drilling into the foam to accommodate the standard Nerf gun's stabilizer rod wouldn't be an easy task.

Originally Posted by turtle2472 View Post
My coolest was a battery powered iPod charger a few years ago. Problem with mine was the regulator I used had to low of an output making it an iPod power device, but not be able to charge it.

Next up, solar powered charger.
Nice! How exactly did you interface with the iPod itself? Did you figure out the pins and go straight to the dock port? Or did you modify the existing power adapter somehow?

Originally Posted by zsummers View Post
What would be hilarious(ly ironic), is if you had a nerf war in your office and you all wore chainmail. I would pay good money to see that.
You're on! Well, at the least I will be wearing the chainmail. Actually, I also want to build a better Nerf gun with a breech or some other better way of loading the ammo. Right now I'm simply dropping the darts down the barrel which is painfully inefficient. First thing's first, though...

Originally Posted by zsummers View Post best recent project was converting a non-working fireplace to a semi-working one by filling it with candles. I found all sorts of old looking brass, glass, and ceramic candleholders of different heights, and then picked an eclectic range of candlesticks--those bright red ones, thick white and dark brown ones, thin white and light green ones. Overall, I think it looks really cool without seeming too put-together. It matches by not matching... you know? If I had a pic I'd put it up... maybe later tonight.
Do share! Looking forward to pics.

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